For your 1994-2002 (in other words, D2 Series) Audi A2 (whether a 3.7 or the 4.2, whether FWD or Quattro), you can now buy used OEM (OEM = Original Equipment [of the] Manufacturer) parts at (in many cases) an even cheaper price than aftermarket parts. Get the genuine part at a fraction of the cost! Plus, our used parts are guaranteed. We trust Audi quality, whether the part is used or new.

We spend a lot of time working with these cars, so our high opinion is based on wrench-in-hand experience, as well as driving and owning these cars.

We offer a wide variety of used parts for this series, though we don’t offer everything, and some items we might not have in stock. That said, please ask. We might well have a high-quality used part for you, and even if we don’t, we might well be able to find one quickly enough.

We personally enjoy driving Audi cars of this era. Our founder has lived in Germany, and was born to a German mom who loves Audi cars and has owned several and owns one now. We know that a large part of the reason these cars are high-quality is due to the quality of their parts. Replace these with cheap knock-offs and you have watered down the quality of your Audi, compromising its reliability, safety and/or other aspects.

Body sheet metal, exterior trim, interior trim, seats, engine parts or complete engines, transmissions … whether it’s a planned project or a crisis, we intend to save you thousands of dollars over the life of your D2 A8, making it viable to keep it going indefinitely.

When we cover a particular part, we like to have a structure whereby, for folks just looking to buy, there is a page that speeds people through the essential need-to-know stuff: the price, the OEM part number, what’s included and what’s not. But, associated with that part, we also like to provide technical information from our personal experience.

This way, whether you’re in a hurry or not, you can have a nice experience, and you get to enjoy buying from someone who has a passion for these cars.

As you can imagine, it takes a long time and a lot of work to generate this sort of content, so it’s an ongoing process. In another five hundred years or so, we should have most of the D2 A8 parts covered with high-quality write-ups in this style.

Please contact us and let us know which parts you’re looking for.