As the founder of d2a8parts.com, my personal values tend to have much effect on the company. By extension, they also influence how nice of an experience you have when you buy from my company.

I grew up with a German mom who loved driving her Audi, and then another and another. But, since she moved to the US, she hasn’t owned an Audi. So when I recently found a 2000 A6 for less than $1,000, I bought it for her as a birthday present. She loves the car.

Yes, its transmission is misbehaving. I knew that when I got it, and so did my mom. We’re working on it and we’re being creative as to finding non-bank-breaking solutions.

In the process, I  kept buying more Audis to analyze, and on the premise that if I can fix my mom’s Audi then I can fix those too. So by now I have half a dozen of these C5 A6 cars, plus four D2 A8 cars, plus a stash of used parts, and I’ve learned a lot about them. Hence, this business.